Bronwen is a Research Fellow at Oxford University’s Centre for Comparative and International Education, where she is currently working on the ESRC/DFID-funded Raising Learning Outcomes in Educational Systems Programme Research Lead (RLO-PRL). This programme aims to increase understanding of the factors that enable or constrain learning outcomes in developing countries by identifying synergies in research approaches and findings across the portfolio of RLO grants.

Since 2015, Bronwen has served as Program Officer for the International Education Funders Group, an affinity network of private and philanthropic grantmakers who support education in the global south. In this post she supports knowledge-sharing and networking among donors in order to help improve their strategic analyses and thinking and to provide opportunities for collective learning and action.

In addition, Bronwen consults for other global education and development organisations, including the Global Partnership for Education and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Her broad interests surround the role of international organizations and networks in global educational governance; the construction of transnational advocacy networks centred on the global education goals; and the rise of human rights discourse in the education and development fields.

She worked for the Canadian International Development Agency in Vietnam and has a particular interest in education, rights-based advocacy and social movements in Southeast Asia. She completed a Collaborative PhD in Comparative & International Development Education and Global Studies at University of Toronto in 2013. Her dissertation, entitled Advocacy as Political Strategy, examined the emergence of political advocacy as a preferred organizational strategy for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the development education field. You can find a link to her dissertation abstract here.




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